Justin King: I'm an investor, get me out of here! Help clients survive the jungle with the power of five.

In this final video, Justin King APFS, CFP grapples with how on earth to stop clients from losing their nerve and bailing on their financial and retirement income plan when markets head south. 

Justin shows that like a Sherpa guiding clients through an unknown jungle, the Timelineapp can help clients understand exactly why and how the plan you’ve created can deliver sustainable retirement income for them. No matter how uncomfortable things get. 

Justin keeps five years’ income in cash, tops it up in good years and does nothing in bad years. This approach means he’s rarely forced to sell equities and his clients get the upside of bull markets. Which history tells us happens for around four out of every five years.  

Justin’s experience also tells him that his clients’ spending tends to change over a five-year period too.  

Looks like we’ve got a pattern here! 

So, keeping things simple and clear for clients – with the help of theTimelineapp – can be a great way to ease their worries and manage irrational behaviour. 

Now, doesn’t that sound like a plan?

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